In case anyone doesn’t know Mick has produced… 

In case anyone doesn’t know Mick has produced a book called Bethesdabasics with a selection of his finest formulae and a no nonsense guide to revving up a sourdough starter and looking after it. I baked this loaf from it on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing some/all of you again this year in his neck of the woods!

A slice of Mick's 5 seed with some spelt Sourdough getting its Vitamin D

PS A word of explanation. When the DDD was over, I relinquished my admin role on this blog to BirdandBeard, and the software effectively made the posts I had written (not the replies and comments) look as if they had been written by BandB. We have tried to sort this out recently so that the DDD blog remains ‘true’ to how it was written but if it looks a bit odd that’s why!