Joe’s Email to the Dales Dough Do 

From Joe Firebeard!

August is here and the time for the Dales Dough Do is getting close. I am heading up north on Friday to build the oven so if all goes well we will have lots of room for baking.

We have done fairly well on the beg borrow and steal front putting together a beautiful room for the event. We have loads of tins, flat trays, 10 round cane bannetons, three sets of domestic digital scales and about six square metres of linen I will cut up for for proving clothes. One of the main things we are short of is mixing bowls.

We are going to need folks to bring mixing bowls and any other bit of equipment that is practical to transport. If you are travelling buy car could you have a think about what you could bring that would be useful. If you are on public transport it is less practical to bring equipment but if you can manage to bring a couple of plastic bowes in you luggage it would be mighty handy. Could you let us know what kit you can bring just so we know we will end up with a reasonable amount of stuff.

(Just finished baking my first batch of epi they are great fun)

For those folks who want to get involved with our themes I thought it could be interesting if we got some discussion going by email before the event about recipes and what your are interested in doing. I want to keep things informal as its interesting to see different recipes and techniques in action. The themes, baguettes on Saturday morning and Shaping/Shapes on Sunday morning are just a starting point please feel free to take them where ever you interest leads.

Here are a few links:

My epi are calling to be eaten so I am off to take a quick photo then have some lunch.

All the best