There are various ways to communicate here. The simplest way is just to add a comment to someone else’s post. To start a new post, you have to be logged in.

You will then see something that looks like this

What you see when you log in.

Then to write a post with a proper title click where it says ‘Blog Post’

and the screen will change – off you go !

What you see when you are 'logged in'

In order to add photos, links, videos, music whatever  you have to write a post from the dashboard, which you approach via logging in and then going to site admin from the main ‘front page’ of the blog.  There is a ‘bug’ with this layout which does not allow you to post photos from the front page, even though it looks as if you should be able to do it.  I have checked with WordPress and that is what they have said. To get to the dashboard, it will look a bit different for different people you need to look below your tool bar in your browser and there should be some other drop down menus floating around. It looks like this on mine.

What I see when I want to get to the dashboard...


You can also get an email address to use to post via email. This might be easier if you are posting from a phone or something like that.  To get the email address you have to login and go to  Settings. Then look in Writing and follow the instructions at the bottom of that page to get your own personal email address to send posts to the blog.

Hope this helps,  Joanna

PS If you want to have a little picture thingy instead of a random pattern, then you need to get a ‘gravatar’, who thinks these names up? Here’s the site