Well here we are. The day has finally arrived. Years of planning, thousands of pounds spent, lives lost, loves lost, paradise lost, Joe Loss, millions of man (and girl) hours worked. The odd case of Spanish opened, later to be recycled into the great green bin of life. Sorry what was I on about?

Ah yes, so the bakery is done, most of the comestibles installed, oven on its way, and a nice, if brief evening spent with Joe and Mouse in a friends caravan under our woods. Soon Mouse asleep, curled quiet, charming to those who gazed.

A waning moon lit our path home on a clear, silent and windless night. Autumn air. The odd dead leaf crinkled under my feet. Maybe soon the sound of geese, flying Washward for their winter shelter.

So here I sit by the light of my laptop with the open doored rayburns’ cargo of last springs larch, crackling and flickering away.

If Joe + I had known the amount of work needed to get the DDD up and running, it wouldnt be happening. Perhaps the deaf leading the dumb. But we now have a small ‘bakery’ and a smashing portable wood fired oven. And we have lots of people coming to play this weekend. What could be better.

So this is your home for the weekend. Enjoy it as such, please relax and learn and teach. Is not the ‘best’ baker the one who enjoys it most. And lets not forget, it isnt a matter of life and death, its more important than that.